Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation, Not Castration

Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation, Not Castration - ChihuahuaLiscious

Modern veterinarians must always be up to date and on the cutting edge of science, technology, and research. Birth control is one of the major services they offer. Sterilisation is central to their work in order to prevent the epidemic of unwanted puppies and kittens.

We all want to stop the epidemic of unwanted puppies and kittens. Vasectomy (vas) and tubal ligation (TL) are the best way by far to achieve this. They are 100% effective. Male dogs can have their vas deferens tied, or injected with a polymer gel. Female dogs can have their Fallopian tubes done the same way. Why remove vital organs when you can simply and easily tie tubes?

Do not be fooled by such procedures as “zeutering”. This is simply chemical castration and makes destruction of the testes and ovaries more convenient. “Ovary sparing hyster-ectomy” is absolutely untrue. The removal of the uterus always results in the death of the ovaries. The blood supply is cut off, and the ovaries always atrophy and die. Dr. John Lee exposed this in his book What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Menopause. Human doctors often tell women this despite the fact it isn’t true. Vets also often tell their clients this. Often it is simply due to ignorance and not intent.

Unfortunately, most all vets today are using Dark Ages castration on dogs and cats. How-ever, zoo veterinarians are using vasectomy and tubal ligation on their expensive, exotic zoo animals. Medical doctors are also using vasectomy and tubal ligation on humans. Why should we use out of date castration on our beloved pets? We need to learn from zoo veterinarians and medical doctors about modern birth control. Castration has cata-strophic effects on the health of our pets. It destroys their entire endocrine system. This is proven by international published science, and cannot be debated. Many vets actually claim “benefits” for castration. This is irrational on its face. The destruction of natural hormone balance impairs health in every way in both animals and humans.

Vasectomy and tubal ligation are easier, safer, faster, and far more profitable than cas-tration. Vasectomy is simply blocking off the vas deferns sperm tubes. Tubal ligation is simply blocking off the Fallopian tubes. Both are fully reversible if desired. There are no harmful effects from these procedures. Castration requires full anesthesia, is difficult, time consuming, dangerous, and expensive. This is simply not done in other countries. Only in the U.S. do 75% of dog owners castrate their beloved pets. In Sweden it is il-legal to castrate a dog, unless for dire medical necessity. Sweden is a true role model for pet compassion.

From human and animal studies we know the side effects of castration are blood clots, urinary problems, cardiovascular disease, obesity, various cancers (especially prostate), weak bones and even death. Vasectomy and tubal ligation can be done under minimal sedation with half-inch incisions. It is fast, easy, effective, safe, and inexpensive. It poses no threat to the health of our pets. It is 100% effective. This is what we do for humans and zoo animals, and what we should be doing for dogs and cats. Why should we do any less?

Bone cancer rates are greatly enhanced in dogs who have been castrated. In the journal Cancer, Epidemiology, Biomarkers Preview v 11, 2002 this was proven conclusively in both male and female dogs. Bone and joint disease, including arthritis are much more common in castrated dogs. Castration contributes greatly to bone and joint disease in-cluding arthritis. Hormones are necessary for bone and joint health.

Castration increases prostate cancer. One major myth is that castration protects against prostate cancer. Science proves the exact opposite is true. Castrated males are four times more likely get get prostate cancer and other prostate diseases. (Prostate v 67, 2007)

Another major myth is that castration is necessary to protect against testicular cancer. First of all, about 1 dog in 80 gets this and at about 10 years of age. Castrating 80 males to save one at 10 years old is obviously irrational.

Increased cardiovascular disease is also a side effect of castration.

Another myth is that castration stops roaming in dogs. Roaming is cured by FENCES. That’s right, any responsible pet owner has a fenced in yard to protect their best friends.

Veterinarians can actually perform a standard vasectomy or tubal ligation in four minutes after the very simply short prep work. Your clients will be happier for a lot of reasons. Your clinic will be much more profitable and pet friendly. You can literally sterilize four times more animals with vasectomy and tubal ligation. This is how we can solve the birth control issue, rather than harmful spay and neuter.

We need to completely drop castration due to the terrible, harmful health effects and disruption of the entire hormonal system. Castration in males or females severely upsets their hormone balance permanently. It is time to join the 21st century, and practice vasectomy and tubal ligation rather than outdated Dark Ages spay and neuter castration.

Vasectomy and tubal ligation are vastly superior to barbaric, outdated, and harmful castration. You can sterilize four times more animals at one tenth the cost. The most important point however, is how harmful castration really is. Published international studies prove this beyond any doubt. Call your vet and ask them to offer these safe, inexpensive operations. If they won’t, find a vet who will. Together we can change things. As pet owners realize how harmful castration is, the vets will have to offer this alternative. Veterinary schools routinely teach these procedures. Any competent vet can easily do them if they want to, since they are much easier and simpler than castration.

The American Veterinary Medical Association officially stated, “Mandatory spay-neuter is a bad idea.” Claiming castration is the right cure for behaviuor problems is like saying frontal lobotomy and electro-shock treatments are the right cure for mental illness. The obvious cure for bad behaviour in pets is proper training. Would you castrate your children if they didn’t behave well? Then why butcher your best friends?

It is very difficult to find a vet who will do these procedures. If you know one who will, will gladly list them on their website. If you know of any shelters that want to use vas and TL they will gladly support them in this. You can communicate with Roger at, the Young Again Foundation.

Written by: Roger Mason