Using Lavender Oil For Dogs Anxiety


Use lavender oil for dogs anxiety – an all-natural home remedy to keep your dog calm and stress-free during anxious situations.

Using lavender oil to help dogs anxiety

Many dog owners are turning to natural treatments – such as lavender oil – to reduce anxiety in their dogs. Veterinarians are also using aromatherapy in a variety of ways such as combating fatigue, boosting the immune system, congestion, ear and teeth cleaning, etc.

What causes anxiety in dogs?

Here’s a few common causes of anxiety in dogs:-

Separation anxiety: Many dogs will become anxious when left alone.

Confinement anxiety: When a dog feels trapped or confined, a dog may experience anxiety, because it may feel unable to escape or flee should a threat arise.

Travel anxiety: Dogs are unaccustomed to moving vehicles, so some may become stressed when travelling.

Noise anxiety: Unexpected or unusually loud noises such as thunderstorms, fireworks or garbage trucks may cause anxiety in dogs.

Signs your dog may be suffering from anxiety

When a dog becomes anxious they quite often engage in repetitive behaviours to relieve their stress (kind of like how we will bite our nails, play with our hair or pace when we are stressed or anxious). Some of these behaviours in dogs will include:

  • Barking non-stop
  • Toileting in the house (despite being toilet trained)
  • Chewing anything in sight
  • Aggression towards other dogs or people

Is it safe to use lavender oil around dogs?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use lavender oil on dogs! Most dog owners are fully aware that some plants can be toxic to their pet, but lavender is not poisonous to dogs. It’s highly effective as:-

  • Insect repellant
  • Antiseptic
  • Anaesthetic
  • Calming

Benefits of using lavender oil on dogs anxiety

Lavender oil has powerful soothing, calming effects on a dog’s nervous system so it’s a great natural therapy for treating anxiety in dogs.

It’s not enough to just simply rub some lavender oil on your anxious dog and then walk away – you must make an effort to calm your pet and use lavender oil as part of the process – here’s a few ideas:-

  • Sit together with your dog in a place where he/she feels safe and secure.
  • Relax with your dog for a little while, enjoying some quiet time.
  • Put a few drops of lavender oil on your dogs collar.
  • Continue sitting quietly with your dog, patting or stroking your dog’s belly calmly.

This process will help your dog associate the scent of lavender oil with being calm and anxiety-free.

How to use lavender oil spray to calm dogs anxiety

Add about 6-8 drops of lavender oil to a spray bottle filled with water and shake to combine. Spray this mixture onto a towel or washcloth and start associating the scent of lavender with calm activities such as brushing, soothing or massaging.

Whenever you are faced with a situation that would normally cause some anxiety in your dog eg. a vet visit or travel, bring along a lavender-scented towel to help keep them calm.

Other ways to use lavender oil on dogs


Instead of using chemical-based treatments on your dog, you can use lavender oil to repel fleas and ticks. Simply rub a few drops of pure lavender essential oil between your dog’s shoulder blades as a natural insect repellant.

Bathing your dog in a shampoo containing lavender oil will help discourage fleas as well as maintaining a shiny, smooth coat. You can buy specially made lavender shampoos on the market, or you can make your own by adding a few drops of lavender oil to unscented dog shampoo.

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