Two-legged Chihuahua Turbo-Roo gets 3D Wheelchair


When Turbo-Roo the chihuahua was born without front legs he was reduced to hopping around as his disability left him unable to walk.

But two months later and Turbo is living up to his name after being fitted with a 3D printed body harness and skateboard wheels.

Turbo was given up at just four weeks old by his first owners who felt unable to care for him, and was taken in by veterinarian technician Ashley Looper.

She said: “I just fell in love with him pretty much instantly, I know what it takes to care for a dog as special as him because I have worked with special needs pets in the past so it was just a perfect fit and I adopted him straight away.”

The owners knew that he needed more one-on-one attention and they needed to focus on his mother and the other puppies in the litter.

“When I took him home I made a cart for him to get around in, which I made entirely from toys but I knew he would need something a little more permanent.”

Turbo became an internet sensation overnight with his toy wheels but owner Ashley knew he would need something a litter bigger as he grew older.

Owner Ashley, from Indianapolis, USA, said: “I set up an online fundraiser with a picture of Turbo in his toy wheels asking for donations to help him get the new wheels he needed.”

The donations came flooding in and I was so appreciative and overwhelmed by the love and support from people. It wasn’t long after that a man who worked for a 3D design company messaged me and said he would make Turbo a cart.

“I messaged him back and it was only four days later that he said he had made a rough draft cart and had sent it to us.”

Ashley’s online campaign raised a staggering $3,629 (£2,169) five times more than her initial $600 target. Mark Dewrick from San Diego-based studio 3dyn caught wind of the campaign and offered to design a set of wheels for Turbo.

The support cart for Turbo was made with a Makerbot 3D-printer and strapped to his back. He was then given a set of luminous green skateboard wheels to complete his makeover.

Ashley said: “Mark has never asked us for anything, he took Turbo on as a special project and has not asked for any payment.

“When I first took him home he didn’t really do much but since then he has become a super cute fun loving puppy. He constantly plays and hops around at our House and at work when I am on my lunch and he can do so much he could not do before.”

Ashley has now set aside the money that was donated and hopes to use it on bone scans and vaccines that Turbo will need as he gets older.

She said: “I love seeing him grow every day but just like with any puppy you don’t want them to grow up. But each day he does something new that makes me so proud to be his mom. I want to use the money that was donated to go towards future vet visits such as X-rays and vaccines which he will need to track his bone growth because he will need medication to keep his bones strong. He is just a typical Chihuahua and although he has his moments where he is fussy and wants what he wants, all in all he is extremely sweet and has such a zest for life.”

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline