Measuring your dog is important as sizes for dog clothing can be confusing.  We recommend you measure your dog using the guidelines shown and choose the size giving the most room.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes and the information shown is for guidance only, we are happy to exchange items for alternative sizes where available. Please refer to the size chart shown for your selected product as some sizes vary between styles. If you require any assistance please contact us.

TIP: If you have no tape measure suitable, use a lead or a piece of string and measure this against a tape/ruler. If your dog is stouter, has a thick coat, broader chest or is at the maximum measurement for the size listed against the product you may want to go up the next size for a better fit.

dog size

Dog Clothes:

Length: Measure from the base of the neck (where the collar would sit) to the base of the tail along the dogs back bone. If your dog has a ‘chubby’ body we recommend going up by at least one size in order for a comfy fit. Dogs, like us humans, come in all different shapes and sizes and in many cases their figure is not always in proportion to the length of their body.

Chest: Measure right around the body from behind the front legs around the deepest part of your dog”s chest. If your dog has a large girth, going up a size in the length is always a smart choice.

Neck: The neck size determines whether your dog will be comfortable wearing the clothing. If the neck size chosen is too tight, your dog can feel more restricted and may have trouble breathing comfortably.

Dog Collars:

Dog collars are measured by neck circumference. This measurement is taken from the circumference of the neck where the collar will sit. Dog collars should be snug with enough room to fit two fingers between your dogs neck and the collar. The collar should not be loose enough to slip over your dogs head. Collars should also not be so tight as to restrict breathing or cause coughing. There are 2 ways in which you can determine the right size collar for your dog.

Option 1: Measure your dog”s old collar (if it”s the right size). To do this lay the dog collar out and use a tape measure from the outer edge of the buckle to the hole used to find the right length.

Option 2: Measure your dog”s neck. To do this use a tape measure to measure how you wish the dog collar to fit around your dog’s neck i.e. with enough room as not to be tight but not too loose that the head slips through. A rough gauge is to allow two – three fingers to fit easily under the tape whilst measuring. Alternatively measure your dog’s neck, then add a couple of inches.

Dog Harnesses:

Dog harnesses are measured by maximum chest circumference. This is the widest part of your dog”s chest, usually just behind the front legs.


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