Kiwi and Precious – 2 Chihuahua’s For Adoption


Kiwi and Precious are a very sweet bonded pair of sisters! They are very typical Chihuahuas and are so full of energy and life you would never know they are seniors!

Kiwi and Precious lived their whole life in a loving home that decided not to keep them when their owner became pregnant. These girls were taught many bad habits in this home through poor training and improper socialisation. They were allowed to go to the bathroom anywhere they chose indoors, they rarely were socialised with strangers, and they were allowed to climb on tables, counters, and other furniture whenever they chose without any obedience training.

Over the past few weeks at our shelter, we have made progress overcoming several of these bad habits. They are doing well being trained on wee-wee pads and going to the bathroom outside. We have had them meet many new volunteers and even some other dogs. They currently live in the cat room, and do very well with the cats. The biggest hurdle we are working on is teaching them that they cannot jump on any furniture they choose. They have been able to do this their whole lives, so it will be difficult to break this habit, but through consistency we are seeing a definitive improvement.

Both of these girls would do best in a quiet home together with older teenagers or adults only, since children might make them anxious. They could live with other dogs or cats as well. If you think you are the perfect family for them, please call us at (914)-273-1674 for more information or go online to