Josie – The Chihuahua born without front legs

Josie was one of four Chihuahua puppies in a litter of five to be born without front legs. The family that adopted her saw a report about Josie and her siblings and applied to adopt one of the five puppies. Josie can stand on her back legs and can move around on her chest, propelled by her hind legs but that rub’s hair off her chest. Josie’s owner approached her local orthopaedic group who put her in touch with someone willing to make her a prosthetic.

Mike Lukens, a certified prosthetist designed and built Josie’s wheeled prosthesis by trial an error using a cast and making a mould. As with humans there are moulds, fittings, adjustments and modifications that need to be made so it’s also a job where you develop a relationship with the person you are working with. The difference with Josie was she could not talk and tell her owner or Lukens if it hurt or if it worked.

Josie liked the prosthesis and would yap and growl when it was removed from her and took to it quickly. The prosthesis is made in layers so it can be adjusted as she grows although her owner does not think she will grow much bigger.

Josie can now get around much better, and can even chase the cat at home.