Exercising your Chihuahua

Exercising your Chihuahua

Exercising your Chihuahua

Because a Chihuahua is such a small dog, some owners think that just walking around the house or walking up stairs is enough exercise for this toy breed dog. This is simply not true!

In the same way that exercise keeps a person healthy, it will keep your Chihuahua in good shape. Exercise is needed to keep the heart healthy and provide overall good health. Since a Chihuahua is so small, you must give your dog exercise that fits their size.

Once your Chihuahua is one year old, you may start an exercise schedule. Having a pet is meant to be fun and bring joy to you; therefore it is not recommended that you plan a strict exercise program and obey by it as if it is written in stone. Exercising with your Chihuahua should be fun and an activity that you both look forward to.

If your Chihuahua appears sick, do not try to exercise with him. That would be the time to bring him to your trusted vet. However, if your dog is just lazing around, it is an ideal time to show your dog that exercise is fun. Do not allow your dog to become lazy; this breed can easily become overweight… And it is much easier to maintain weight than lose it.

When you are ready to have some fun and provide some exercise for your Chihuahua, make sure to bring ample water if you will be outside. Also, pay attention to the weather. What might seem like a great sunny day may be too hot for your little Chihuahua.

Since a Chihuahua is a delicate dog and a small breed dog such as this should not be exposed to high or low temperatures for any length of time. If you must bring your Chihuahua outside into cold weather, it is strongly recommended to obtain Chihuahua Clothing. Chihuahua clothing does not just make a dog look cute, it is also meant to protect them from the elements. You can find rain coats, sweaters, booties and all clothing items to protect against harsh winds and bitter temperatures.

A great form of exercise for your dog is of course walking. Most enjoy this very much as it is a good release of energy. Some Chihuahua service dogs walk for kilometres every day.

Remember that a normal exercise walk for you is a very long walk for your Chihuahua. Walking is a great way to train your dog to walk beside you while on a leash. You should begin on a quiet streetwithout a lot of traffic. After your Chihuahua understands the need to walk near you where it is safe, you can begin to journey further. Always keep him or her on a short leash when walking, no longer than six feet.

Retractable leashes work well and offer a lot of control over your dog. Know how much exercise your Chihuahua needs. A good exercise walk for your Chihuahua will be a ½ mile. You may walk your Chihuahua one mile for extra good exercise; however make sure to take a couple of breaks to allow the dog to rest and to drink plenty of water.

Exercising your dog inside equals fun. All kinds of activities with your Chihuahua will count towards exercise. Playing games with your dog will keep them active and provide the movement that they need. This works best with a toy that a Chihuahua will find tremendously appealing; we are not talking about a squeaky ball!

How to play: Take a unique toy and hide it in an easy spot to find. Persuade your Chihuahua to find it. When he does, reward your dog with lots of patting and hugs. Then, hide the toy in a location that is a bit harder to find. Again, show excitement when your dog is looking for it. Give rewards of happy, excited words. You can keep making this game more difficult until it takes a moderate amount of time for your Chihuahua to find the toy and the final reward can be a healthy dog treat.