dog fashionDomenico Ponti and Elena Volnova, inspired by the lack of Luxury goods for canines, have created an up scale line of shampoo’s, conditioners and even nail polishes for your pets.Their lines include nail files, eye pad’s and other grooming products.

They founded Dog Fashion Spa, based in Manhattan producing a line of up scale cosmetic products for dogs. “Maschio” is one of the New Fragrances Dog Fashion Spa offers for pets.

Volnova said “When you enter a house in 2013, there should be no excuse for dog smell” as she found that most of the products on the Market to eliminate odour were not working.” Many dog owners wanted a a complex fragrance, not something just like Vanilla or Strawberry, so the two combined efforts, doing extensive research to develop scents that would be pleasing to both the pup who loves rolling around in the mud and the Chanel No.5 wearing owner.

Volnova admitted “We’re not for everyone” and that they appeal to people who really care about themselves and their pets.

From Margaret Eby – New York Daily News