12 Emotions Your Chihuahua Felt But Could Not Express

What do your dogs say to you when you’re busy loving them? What do they feel when you’re busy pampering them? What do they feel when you can’t imagine your life without them? What would they tell you if they could speak?

Here’s a genuine DOG’S PERSPECTIVE for all the lovely owners!

  1. When you kiss me, I feel nice. When you look at me, I feel beautiful.
  1. When you let me sit on the couch with you, I feel comfortable. When you let me on the bed at night, I feel at peace.
  1. When you tell people my name, I feel included. When you tell people I don’t bite, I feel protected.
  1. When you allow me to bite into your favourite chocolate, I feel happy. When you don’t let me eat it, I feel you’re saving me from falling sick.
  1. When you leave for work, I start missing you. When you come back and call my name, I stop feeling alone.
  1. When you get me a new toy, I still prefer you. When you get me a new treat, I’ll take the treat!
  1. When you run after me, I feel competition. When you’re too close and I’m almost caught, I still know I’m the winner.
  1. When you talk to me, I listen. When you scold me, I don’t listen.
  1. When you cry, I feel sad. When you cry loudly, I just want to become a super hero and take you far away.
  1. When you teach me handshake, I feel like a topper. When you teach me where to pee, I feel like a baby.
  1. When you walk with me, I feel we’re going in the right direction. When you sit with me, I feel like playing again.
  1. I love you truly, more than anybody has ever loved anyone.

Your dog says each of this to you everyday. Isn’t this just the most beautiful feeling to know what your dog has been feeling all this while? Give your lovely dog a tight hug and kiss as hard as possible. They deserve every bit of our appreciation. And even more pampering and love! Everyday and every moment. Lets fill their lives with happiness!

By: Prekshita Patwa | Posted in: Wag News

Reference: dogspot.in